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2-Ply Mask CDC Compliant (100 units)
2-Ply Mask CDC Compliant (100 units)

2-Ply Mask CDC Compliant (100 units)

2-ply face covering mask with elastic bands and nasal clip for adjustment - Made in Brazil.

Compliant with recommendation of the CDC, to reserve 3ply and N95 masks for the medical responders and everyone directly caring for COVID Patients.

We make these 2-ply masks available to create a basic facial barrier.

They can easily be adapted with a piece of cloth placed inside the mask before putting it on, or double even triple worn to become a strong facial barrier.

The 2-ply masks can filter all major droplets of saliva but are not efficient barrier to micro droplets for anyone in direct contact with COVID patients, like the N95 and 3ply masks.

*We are making 3-ply masks available to NYC.GOV, and will be offering any surplus here on our website after crucial demand is met.