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Besides supporting indigenous artisans, Incausa also helps to support community services and other items that they may need. That's why we've partnered with the grassroots project: Raiz das Imagens.
 Raiz das Imagens is a project that serves to bring awareness to the Indigenous Individual through self-reflection, cultural empowerment, audiovisual instruction. Raiz das imagens hopes to document the current reality and origins of the Indígenous culture as well as the mixtures in the Brazilian cultural roots utilizing as instrument of dialogue the cinema and audiovisual tools. 

For this they seek support together with non-governmental institutions, publications, collectives, and individuals in order to continue documenting, recovering traditions and working for the unification and straightening of the various Brazilian Ethnic groups.  
In all, Raiz das Imagens seeks to empower Indigenous individuals to take pride in their culture and give them the tools to document their lives experience and give them a platform for their voice to be heard.
You are welcome to donate directly to their crowdfunding account through the link button bellow, please feel free to contact at incausa@mail.com for learning channels of further support.

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